Ms. Byars woke up to find a plastic bag wrapped around her favorite rosemary bush! As she examened the bag closer she saw that little water droplets appeared in the bag.


Using the words xylem, stomata, roots, and stem pretend you are a water molecule and going through this crazy process of transpiration. USE EVIDENCE BASED TERMS TO SOUND SOPHISTICATED.

For bonus points explain some of the results of transpiration. ( There are five results, use your notes!!!)

When finished you can

A) go to AND CLICK on launch objective then CLICK ON “the cycle” THEN READ AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! Do not ask Ms. Byars for help unless you A) asked three before me B) READ ALL DIRECTIONS!!!!


B) you may visit other blogs and comment

Frog Dissection… ewww gross… but super cool…

It is time to figure out how all the body systems fit into one tiny little body. Click on the link below to learn how to make proper incisions while dissecting a frog. You must fill out the pre-lab inorder to participate in the dissection lab.

If you finish early you may take the quiz to test your knowledge.

Discussion questions:

(Reminder: Only enter your first name, write in complete sentences with fancy words!)

1. Describe to someone who has never dissected a frog how you would start dissecting a frog. What incisions would you make? What should they be careful about? GIVE LOTS OF DETAIL!!!

2. What are you most looking forward to when dissecting the frogs?