24 Apr 2012

woods runner

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Woods runner is a good book so far. When you boys and girls have a chance to read woods runner you should read it. I will tell you what he beginning there was  this eleven year old kid. The war was just starting and the British tack his mom and dad so he go to try to save them.

7 Mar 2012

AR party

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For the ar party that we are having for this year is a drive in everybody likes drive in. most all of my friends made their ar goal. But only one did not make his ar goal because he talks a lot. He is trying his best to make it he is reading one more because he only needs one more book to read. At the drive in we are going to have snacks soda.

16 Feb 2012

Author: William | Filed under: Uncategorized

Football is a good sport. At our school people  play football every day.  I play football at school and in a football league. Are team name is the miners. we lose most all of the games because the wide receivers  are not good at all. I hope this year we have better people on are team because we need good players. The preaders are good because they have good people because they jafted mesa kids to there team thats why some teams cant beat them.

8 Feb 2012

Author: William | Filed under: Uncategorized

I wish the chagers went to the super bowl. I’am so glad  that the giants won the super bowl can you people believe that they won if you guys can leave a comment. Next the chargers are going to the Superbowl who do you guys think whos going to the Superbowl.

7 Feb 2012

Hello world!

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