August Student of the Month

Sophia was chosen as our first student of the month for this school year! She was surprised and excited to be chosen! Her classmates were asked the question, Why do you think Sophia was chosen as student of the month? This is what they had to say………

She is a good student in class and she is a good helper. ~Roman

She is a good student that’s why. She also has a lot of friends and she is a good friend. ~Annoynomous

She is nice. ~Carmelo

I think Sophia should have been student of the month because she is helpful, she is kind, and she has super good behavior. ~Alijah

She was chosen because she is a mindful walker. She was kind to others. She is a mindful listener. Good job Sophia! You are nice too. ~Annoynomous

Sophia was doing random acts of kindness. ~Justice

Sophia is nice to others and good. ~Ryan

She follows directions and because she was quiet. ~Cody

I think that Sophia was listening and she was not playing. ~Rene

Sophia is student of the month because she is kind to others and she follows directions. ~Ailyn

She is pretty and smart and nice. ~Oneyda

She was nice to others. She never went to yellow.~Julio

Sophia is not talking to anyone. ~Mikaela

She makes a nice friend. She is fun to play with. She is pretty. ~Devyn

She is nice to others. ~Alex

She is very nice. ~Ismael

Sophia has been listening. ~Dalton

She was being good. ~Chloe

She did a good job on everything. ~Kenny

She is a great friend. ~Jessie

I think I was chosen because I was doing my work. ~Sophia

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on “August Student of the Month
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