Week 6 (T,U,V, and W)

“Today was Thousands Day and we used big numbers like 500,000. It was awesome and that is why I liked doing it.”~Reported Diego

“Today is thousands day. We did stuff like math problems in the thousands. Also, we did a thousands packet.” ~Alek reported

“Thousands Day is today. We did math in the thousands. We played a game that we made a thousands number. We went to a million! ” ~Reported Mynor

“Today is Un-Day! We did stuff backwards like we did math in the morning.” ~Reported Andy

“Today is Un-Day. We got to wear our clothes backwards. We also watched the Witches. We got to do stuff unlike normal. We got to do our math book in the morning and some math. We also did rotations backwards in the morning.”~Reported Navaiha

“On vacation day we played vacation bingo. We watched Chipwrecked and we brought towels from home to sit on. ” Reported Ava

“Today is V Day. It stands for Vacation Day. We got to bring a towel. We could dress like if we were on vacation. We watched a movie. We got to lay out our towels and see the movie. We got to sit on the towel with a friend. The movie was fun. We learned how to do the V in sign language. We have four more days of school left. Today was fun!” ~Reported Dekceri

“Today was Weather Day. Today we got to learn about different storms. We got to watch a weather video.” ~ Reported Audrey

“Today was Weather Day. We watched storm videos. I was interested in tornados. It looked so cool how it formed. We watched Cloudy with a Chance in Meatballs. We decided on a food we would love to rain from the sky and wrote about it and drew it.”~Reported Diego

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