Countdown Week 5 (P,Q,R,and S)

We started the week with Puzzle Day and ended it with Salsa Day! We had a busy and fun filled week in second grade as we count down our final days as second graders! Here are some of the fun things we did reported from the students themselves!

“On Puzzle Day we got to build a puzzle. Me and Markez built a space puzzle. We got to cut out our own puzzle and it was fun! ” ~Reported Madden

“Today is P Day. It stands for Puzzle Day. We brought a puzzle. I did not bring a puzzle. We made a puzzle. We saw two videos on how to make a puzzle. Today we only have 11 more days left of school. We learned how to make the P in sign language.” ~Reported Dekceri

“Today is Puzzle Day. I brought in a puzzle but it was missing four pieces.” ~Mynor added.

“Today is Queen and King Day. It was fun. The students that did not bring a crown got to have one.”~Reported Tanner

“Today it was fun because it is Queen and King Day. I like it because we got to do bingo with queen and king things. I also like it because we watched a movie.” ~Reported Samantha

“Today was Rock Day. We went to the cafeteria and saw the AJ Rock Club. We got necklaces for our moms.” ~Reported Alexandra

“Today was rock day and we got to bring a rock from home. Some people came from AJ Rock Club and showed us some very cool rocks and crystals. That was rock day! ” ~Reported Audrey

“Today is S day and it stands for Salsa Day. Some kids brought in homemade salsa and got to put it in the salsa contest.”Reported Kyleigh

“Today is Salsa Day and we ate salsa. I brought homemade salsa so I can enter the contest. It was fun! “~Reported Briana

May 10, 2017 from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.

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