Countdown Week 4 (L,M,N,O)

This week we celebrated letters L,M,N,and O of our countdown. On Thursday’s Orange day we counted 11 days left to the end of second grade! Here is what our class said about some of the activities we did.

Navaiah commented, “Today is Lunch Day. We came in the class and ate our lunch and made lemonade. We also watched Ratatouille and drew a picture of our favorite food.”

“Today we got to eat in the classroom. We got to drink lemonade. We learned about the five food groups and got to make a balanced lunch to make sure we are eating the right food.” Reported Jordan

“Today is M Day. It stands for Movie Day. It also stands for Match Day. We got to go see Born in China in the Harkins Theater. We got to match with someone. I matched with Briana. Then we learned how to do the M in sign language.” ~Reported Dekceri

“Today was M Day. That stands for matching day. We got to go to the movies. We watched Born In China. We got to match with a friend.” ~Reported Liala

“Today is N Day and it stands for Number Day. We got to play a game with numbers. I like today because we got to do a lot of math.”~Kyleigh

“Today is N Day. It stands for Number Day. We did number things. Mrs. Trisoliere gave us a number packet. She did a card number trick. We learned how to do the M in sign language.”~Reported Dekceri

“Today is O Day. It means Orange Day. We wore orange. We won the spirit colors for the day. We got 20 because they counted orange, purple, and yellow.”~Reported Mynor

“Today is O day which means orange day. We did an orange packet. We have to wear orange so she will take a picture of us.” ~Shana


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