Week 3-(H,I,J, and K)

“Today was Hat Day and I didn’t bring a hat. I liked Shana’s hat because I like ice cream. I like Navaiha’s too. ” ~Reported Samantha

“Today is H day which means Hat Day. We bring in hats and then we draw a picture and share.” ~ Reported Shana

“It’s Insect Day. We made our own insect. I made a Pandafly.” ~Reported Briana

“Today was insect day. We got an insect menu. We did lots of cool stuff and were writing about insects. ” ~Reported Diego

“Today is J Day. It stands for Joke Day. We researched jokes. We told jokes. We wrote jokes. We learned how to do the j in sign language.” ~Reported Dekceri

“Today is J Day which means joke day. We went on a computer to write jokes. We partnered up to tell jokes.” ~Reported Shana

J in sign language from Fallon Trisoliere on Vimeo.

“Today is Kindness Day for K day. I caught Alexandra doing her Moby badges! I caught Gianna doing her Moby Badges. I also caught Samantha earning Moby Badges. K day was fun!”~Reported Jordan

“Today is Kindness Day and we did Kindness notes. Our teacher wrote kindness notes to us.” ~Reported Alek



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