ABC Countdown~Week 2 (D,E)

This week was week two of our ABC countdown! We celebrated days D, E, F, and G. Below are some pictures and what students had to say about days D and E!

“Today was Dictionary Day. We got a dictionary and played a game. It was fun. We learned the D in sign language.” ~Reported Gianna

“Today is D Day and it stands for dictionary day. We had dictionaries on our desk and we played a game. My teacher gave us points if we found a word. I won! Then I got to pick a word for the class to find. We had fun!” ~Reported Mynor

On E day, Dekceri said, “Today is E Day. It stands for Experiment Day. We did experiments. We did the Magic Milk experiment. We did Spear It. We did the Balloon Up. We did the Penny Change. We did the Ring Trick. We also did Bottle Blob and the Ivory Soap experiements.”

“We did experiments and it was fun! We watched videos about experiments.” ~Reported Shana


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