Starting off our ABC countdown!

Second grade started our ABC countdown to the end of the year on Tuesday this week. On Tuesday we celebrated A day which was All About Me Day. Wednesday we celebrated Book Day and Thursday was Cookie Day! Read below to see what students reported about each day in their journals.

Navaiha shared, “Today is A Day and it stands for all about me. We wrote about us and our teacher. We learned how to make the sign language A. We started our ABC countdown and we got to share some favorite things on the robot page and we began learning about area.”

Karley reported, ” The first thing I did today was write about Mrs. T. Then I wrote about me. I learned about area today. I had fun.”

“Today is Book Day and we got to draw our favorite book and we learned how to make the B with our hands. We got to fill in a book worm ¬†for each time we read. We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” ~Reported Taylor

Kyleigh said, ” We got to bring in our favorite book. We also got to learn how to make a B in sign language. We got to get a book and draw a picture of it. I chose Horton Hears a Who.

Dekceri commented, “Today is C Day. It stands for Cookie Day. We wrote about our favorite cookie. We brought in cookies and she passed them out all throughout the day. I liked it!

“Today is C Day. We got to eat cookies. We got to write about our favorite cookie.” ~Reported Jonathan

Book Day 2017 from Fallon Trisoliere on Vimeo.

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