Mammal Scavenger Hunt

We are beginning a science unit on the five animal groups; mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish. We learned that they are all vertebrates, which means they all have backbones. We have also been talking about a lot of differences they have. Today we learned a lot of facts with our reading buddies during a scavenger hunt activity on mammals. We learned that elephants have the largest brain of all land animals, giraffes need less than two hours of sleep each day, and the lightest mammal on earth is the Etruscan Shrew! We also learned that the spiny anteater and the platypus are the only two mammals that lay eggs!

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One Comment

on “Mammal Scavenger Hunt
One Comment on “Mammal Scavenger Hunt
  1. Dear Class,
    Wow, you learned so much about Mammals already! I can’t wait to hear more interesting facts and to see what you do with the information that you learned.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Mrs. Farris

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