All About Me Day~The ABC Countdown has started for 2016!

Today we began our annual ABC countdown of second grade. Today was All About Me Day.

Here are what some of the reporters in our class thought about it.

“Today was all about me day. Today we made posters about us. I learned that Shyenne’s favorite color is blue. I liked today because we got to make posters about ourselves and share them with the class.” ~ Reported Candy

Xavier shared, “Today I shared an all about me poster. I got to share it with a friend today.”

“Today is all about me day. We did fun things like make a poster of us. When we were done we got to share them with the class.” ~Reported Jose

“Today is all about me day. We made posters all about us. I wrote about my favorite book,color, food, and animal.” ~Reported JayleneAll About Me Day IMG_4135 IMG_4136 (1)

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