October Student of the Month

Our October student of the month was Gwen! She has done a fantastic job all year so far following class and school rules. She always remembers our Four Peaks FAST Philosophy!

October student of the month-Gwen

October student of the month-Gwen

Foster Excellence

Always Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Support Safe Choices

Teach others by example

When I asked her classmates why she deserved the award, this is what they said………

Why was Gwen chosen for student of the month?

She is good and kind and she is quiet. ~Makenna

She listens to the teacher all the time so she is a good girl and smart. She is good at a lot of stuff. ~Aundrea

She is good every day. She helps everybody. ~Josh

I think Gwen helps people. ~Matthew

I think she is a good role model. ~ Sophiah

I think she was picked because she listened to the teacher. ~ Jose

She helped kids and cared for them too. ~Anahi

She shows people how to be a good person. ~ Nevaeh

I think she is a great student. ~ Alley

I think Gwen was picked because she is quiet. ~Shyenne

I think Gwen got student of the month because she follows directions and sets a good example. ~Cynthia

She is a good worker. ~Robbie

I think she was good and got a 5 on her tests. ~Xavier

Gwen is always raising her hand. ~Theo

She is cool. ~Logan

She works hard and is good all the time. ~Arissa

She is good and listens. ~Jessica

I think she was chosen because she was following directions. ~Mike

I think Gwen has good handwriting. ~Adan

She earned it because she is a good role model. ~Helen

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