Dot Day 2015

Yesterday we celebrated International Dot Day! We had fun participating in fun activities after reading, The Dot by Peter Reynolds. The book was about a little girl named Vashti that thought she couldn’t draw until her teacher makes her change her mind. We were able to show our creativity by creating a dot picture and writing about it. We also wrote our spelling words in dots, made a creative dot necklace, wore dot clothing, brainstormed things in the world that have dots, and separated our syllables using dots! We had a lot of fun!

Mathew commented, “My favorite part was creating our own dots.”

Helen said, ” I like when we designed four different parts to a circle and combined it with others to make dots.”

I really liked eating the dot candy that Makenna brought in”, commented Arissa.

Dot Day 2015 from Fallon Trisoliere on Vimeo.

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on “Dot Day 2015
One Comment on “Dot Day 2015
  1. Mrs. Trisoliere’s Class,
    It looks like you guys all had a lot of fun for International Dot Day. I know Makenna enjoyed all,the fun things you did.

    Mrs. Miller

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