Match Day

“M Day was Match Day. I matched with Haidyn. We were wearing our “I don’t want to Taco Boutit Shirts with some short jean shorts and DC’s with pigtails.” ~Reported Neva

“We had to match with someone. Haidyn and Neva matched, me and the teacher matched too.” ~Reported Brisa

“Today was Match Day. We planned what we were going to wear on Kindness Day. We wore the same stuff. Then we took a picture of the people that were matching.” ~Lexi

Match Day

Match Day

IMG_0499 IMG_0500 IMG_0501

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on “Match Day
One Comment on “Match Day
  1. I remember that day i miss you i hope you have i grate class i had a great summer did you i hope you have i great year you are a great teacher.

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