Our First Mystery Skype!

We have been discussing our global read aloud, “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” online through Edmodo with our buddies from another state. We finally got a chance to Skype with them and  answer questions about where we are located on the U.S. map and ask them questions to figure out which state they were from. There were very thoughtful questions being asked and map skills being utilized. It was a fun experience. Here are what some of the students in our class thought about the experience……..

“The other class asked us questions until they guessed our state!” ~Bella

“When we did our Skype call yesterday, I remember they live in Illinois and it is cold there.” ~Kai

“On our Skype call we asked them questions about where they live. They said that it was snowing there the night before. They live in Illinois. Now they know we live in Arizona in A.J. It was fun doing our first Skype. I can’t wait for our next Skype! ~Brisa

“I like Skype because you can see different people. And it is interesting. They can be in different states. Yesterday the class that we  Skyped lived in Illinois. I had so much fun. Have you ever Skyped?” ~Haidyn

“I learned a lot about their class. It was cool to be the picture taker. I really like Skyping people because  I have to figure out where they live. Skyping in school is lots of fun!” ~Neva

“Yesterday in class I learned that the other class lives near the mitten. And we had a mystery Skype with that class. They also live in Illinois. They go to school in a suburban area just like we do.” ~Julian

Our first mystery Skype!

Our first mystery Skype!

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Here is a video link to see how it went!


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on “Our First Mystery Skype!
One Comment on “Our First Mystery Skype!
  1. Dear
    Mrs.Trisoilere’s class

    Did you have a good time?We did
    a Mystery Skype a few weeks ago.
    where were they from?
    We found out they were from Texas.


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