Perfect Attendance for September

These students were here every day for the month of September! That is great dedication and they were given tickets to be put into a drawing to win a bicycle at the end of the year. Each month each student gets a chance if here every day during the month to earn a ticket to be entered into the drawing that will be done toward the end of the year. The more tickets the better the chances! They also received a September tag for their backpack! 

Perfect Attendance September

Perfect Attendance September

Lexi, Angel, Bailey, Dahlya, Steven, Roman, Ean, Julian, Brisa, Amanda, and Neva (not pictured)

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on “Perfect Attendance for September
One Comment on “Perfect Attendance for September
  1. WAY TO GO KIDDOS! The more days the students are present the easier it is for the teacher to help them learn the materials they are expected to know. When the storm came that caused the bus route to be canceled for Neva she was worried that she was messing up her “Perfect Attendance” record even though I assured her that the absence would be excused. Glad to see that the kids are being rewarded for their attendance!

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