Walk to School Day~Sept. 30, 2014

Today was our once a month Walk to School day! We had 5 students from our class meet and walk together! There was a pretty big school turn out. I think this month there was 114 total walkers including students, parents, and siblings of students. There were 75 Four Peaks students that walked! It was fun! I hope we will have even more next month. 

Walk to School Day

Walk to School Day


on “Walk to School Day~Sept. 30, 2014
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  1. Neva loves to do Walking School bus and normally her dad is able to go with her and enjoys the interactions of the kids while walking to school. The VERY short notice this time made it impossible for him to attend but thankfully our friend was able to make sure Neva could participate today! It takes a village. I think it is great that our school promotes healthy living through programs such as these. Keep up the great work everyone!

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