Welcome to Second Grade!

Hello Second Graders,

I am super excited to start the new year with you. How was your summer? What are some things that you did this summer? I went camping once in Pinetop for Fourth of July, and once in San Diego for a family get together. While I was in San Diego my family did take a break to go visit the beach. That was probably my favorite day! Please feel free to comment below on what you did this summer.

I will be your teacher for this year. Together we will learn so many new things about each other and the world! I am excited to see what great readers, writers, and mathematicians you are! Hopefully I will meet most of you at our Meet Your Teacher event on Saturday, August 2nd at 9:00. Remember to bring your supplies that day if you can. If not, I will be seeing you the first day of school~ Tuesday, August 5th! See you soon!

                   Sincerely,  Mrs. Trisoliere



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