What is Worth More???

 After reading “How Much Is A Million” in class we worked in pairs to predict and answer a few measurement with money questions. We had finished our topic on counting money and had just recently been working on measuring using feet and inches. Each pair of  students were given a handful of pennies, nickels, and dimes. Then we worked in a group to predict which would be worth more, an inch tall stack of pennies or a one foot row of pennies? Then after predicting each group did the experiment and added the value up And recorded our results. After some discussion we found that the one inch stack was worth more! Then we did the same thing with nickels and dimes. It was very interesting to discuss and compare each groups findings. One group used plastic nickels and the results turned out differently than did the groups with real nickels! We even brainstormed some other experiments we could try in the future!   


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