A Trip to Chili’s Restaurant

We took a pretend field trip to Chili’s today in math! We had been learning about counting money, adding money, and subtracting money amounts during math for the last two weeks. So for fun I pulled out all my old Chili’s menus from my serving days! Each student was given a $20 bill and had to decide what they would order. They had to get a drink(could be water-costing $0) or soda for $1.99. They also had to order a meal and tip their server. If they wanted to order a side or dessert that was an option they could choose if they had enough money. They carefully added up the cost of their meal and reported to the class on what they ordered and their total bill. Then as a bonus we used subtraction to figure out how much change we would get if we paid with a $20. Students were very careful to line up the decimal points as they subtracted! 



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