Penguin Paragraphs

We have been discussing writing in paragraphs to inform others. Students understand that  good paragraph should be indented, organized, and serve a purpose! Our purpose was to learn about a specific type of penguin that we were interested in and then begin to record information in our own words to teach others about penguins. We decided to teach others about how the penguin we chose to research was different than others. Students wrote a two to three paragraph paper about their type of penguin. They organized all the details of their appearance, diet and predators, and where they live in different paragraphs. We made sure to remember topic sentences, transition words, and a conclusion.


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on “Penguin Paragraphs
One Comment on “Penguin Paragraphs
  1. I am so proud of my class! They worked really hard on these and they took their time to make sure they had the right facts in the right paragraphs and they made them interesting and fun to read! I know others will definitely learn from your writing! Way to go!

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