Internet Safety

14 09 2012

i-Safe Assembly

By: Maegan

Today at our school (DVES) we had an assembly. It was an i-safe assembly. We learned about the importance of internet safety. We were taught to be careful about what we post online and who we talk to.

At the assembly we were told a story about a thirteen year old girl, Megan, she accepted a friend request online from a boy named Josh. They started talking every day until one day, Josh started saying really mean things to Megan. After a while of him doing this, he said the worst thing of all, “Why don’t you do all of us a favor and kill yourself.”, and that’s exactly what she did.

Megan committed suicide because of cyber-bullying. At the assembly we were also taught that cyber-bullying is illegal in some states. People don’t take cyber-bullying seriously, but it’s a big deal. No one should have to go through it.



By: Alexus

Hi, I’m Alexus and I will be talking about cyber-bullying. First I will talk about why you shouldn’t be a cyber-bully. Then I will discuss how it hurts people. Lastly, I will go over some of the consequences of cyber-bullying.

There are two different types of bullying, cyber-bullying and just plain bullying. Cyber-bullying is when you mentally attack someone and use words to hurt them. Bullying is when you physically hurt someone or pick on them all the time. You should never be a cyber-bully, or any bully for that matter. I don’t care if people are short or funny looking, you should keep bad comments to yourself, and you should never try to use power to force someone to do something they don’t want to.

If you want to know how cyber-bullying can hurt then listen up. Some people make fake Facebook and become friends with some stranger or someone they don’t like, then they try to become “B.F.F.’s” with them. Then they start bullying them, not just any bullying, cyber-bullying. Megan Miller killed herself because she accepted a friend on Facebook and fell in love with him, but he was a fake. He was actually a she and she was a cyber-bully. She told Megan to go and kill herself, and Megan did.

If you cyber-bully, you could get into a lot of trouble. You could get arrested and end up in a juvenile detention center. Or WORSE, if they kill themselves, you could get tried as an adult and end up in prison for the rest of your life. Then you would never get to see your mom or dad or any family member at all. You would get your freedom taken away and live in a very lonely place.

Cyber-bullying is a crime and you will get into a lot of trouble. It really hurts peoples feelings too. You should never be any kind of bully, but especially not a cyber-bully.

Here are some suggestions from our class about what you could do if you are being cyber-bullied.

Digital Footprints

30 09 2011

by Robynn

We learned that cookies and digital footprints are like walking on the beach. Everytime you get a process on your own name or nickname, you leave a cookie or a footprint.

Our activity was to look up our name and city, and see what we can find about ourselves on Google.

Not many people found much about themselves. A few people found some cookies about all sorts of things, but many did not.

Digital Footprints (mp3)

If you Google your name, what do you learn about yourself?

Internet Safety

26 09 2011

Last week the Arizona Attorney General came to our school to talk to us about internet safety.  We were surprised to hear that Arizona is the number two state in identity theft.  The picture above is a visual of all the things we learned.  There were four main points in what we heard from the Attorney General:

1. Don’t give out information about yourself (phone number, home address, email address).

2. Don’t cyberbully, it’s the law. The police know everything and can trace messages back to you.  Be nice to others.

3. Watch out for cyberpredation. Some people are not really who they say they are and may try to trick you.

4. You shouldn’t have Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter account until you are at least 13 years of age or have parent permission.  If you do have one of these accounts be careful of the information you post so predators can’t track you.  Only add people who you have met in person.  Also, once you put something on the web you can’t delete it.

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