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14 09 2012

What It Takes To Be An Elite At Nerf

By: Ben

My favorite sport is Nerf. Nerf takes patience, skills, and good hiding spots. First thing you need to do to win is bullets, make sure you have enough bullets to win. Next you need to find a good hiding spot like a bush, a shed, or a toy box. After that you should get extra guns just in case if one gun gets jammed you have a backup plan. So when your playing you want to be the quickest so you don’t get out first.

If you run out of bullets you would have to go back and grab them. If you don’t find a good hiding spot you will get shot from above, below, or behind.  If you don’t grab extra guns your first gun might get jammed and all you’ll have is a Nerf battle ax, or tomahawk. That’s how you be an elite at Nerf.



By: Manny

I’m going to convey to you about what it takes to be an elite football player. To be an elite football player it takes six things. First is humility which is when your and recognize your own faults. Second is love which is when you care for your teammates. Third is integrity which is when honest and stick to your principles. Fourth is faith have faith in your teammates. Last of all is excellence you act like an professional and don’t yell at your teammates. And that’s how to be an elite team player but just for you at a possession is to eat good and work hard at it everyday.

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