Making Inferences

18 09 2012

Hello my 6th grade students and followers!

This week we are making inferences in reading. We know that an inference is when you combine evidence from your reading (words the author uses) with your schema (what you already know-prior knowledge) to make a conclusion. Watch the video below to learn more about inference.

Making inferences can be hard.  Sometimes the clues don’t add up like we think.

Your Challenge!

Make an inference about the short film below by telling me an obserservation from the film(something you know), a question (something you wonder), and an inference (something you think).  Use EVIDENCE BASED TERMS to support your inference.  Examples of evidence based terms are…

  • The boy was sad BECAUSE his dog ran away.
  • Sally loved the ocean. FOR INSTANCE, she moved to a house overlooking the ocean.
  • Henry loves whales.  FOR EXAMPLE, he often reads stories about them.
  • The force of the wind was very strong. I know because THE AUTHOR STATED that the wind could shatter a window.
  • ACCORDING TO THE TEXT, the purpose of a robot is to do a job.
  • FROM THE READING I KNOW THAT Jupiter is the largest planet in our solor system.

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