Spring Blog Challenge Week 1

5 03 2012

We are excited for the new blogging challenge this spring.  As a part of the first challenge we visited NEH 3rd Grade blog and commented on Haley’s Post about birthstones.  We also visited Mrs. Kolly’s class blog and left a comment.

Questions For Our New Visitors:

Where are you from?
What grade are you in?
Who is your teacher?
When did you start blogging?
Why did you start blogging?



11 responses to “Spring Blog Challenge Week 1”

    5 03 2012
      Mrs. Heckstetter's Class (21:15:26) :     Reply

    Where are you from? We are from Missouri in the United States.
    What grade are you in? We are in the fourth grade.
    Who is your teacher? Our teacher’s name is Mrs. Heckstetter.
    When did you start blogging? We have been blogging since August of 2011.
    Why did you start blogging? We wanted to share our learning with other classrooms and families.

    Please visit our blog:

    6 03 2012
      Robynn and Christian (09:26:45) :     Reply

    Dear Mrs.Heckstetters,
    We are in fourth grade too!We are from Apache Junction Arizona in the United States.
    We started blogging in August also.Our teacher is Ms.Olen.We started blogging so we could connect with other classes outside of our school.Is it pretty in your state because we have never been there?Apache Junction is mostly desert but still awesome.
    Please write back.

    Christian and Robynn
    Ms.Olen’s class

    8 03 2012
      Susan (19:52:48) :     Reply

    Hi?Your blog is awesome.We’re from South Korea.We’re in 4th grade.Our school have swimming pool,gym,soccer field,and so on.We have 15 kids in our class and we would like you to visit our blog and leave a comment for us.Thank You:).

    12 03 2012
      Alan (01:37:10) :     Reply

    Hi, My name is Alan and I’m from South Korea. I go to Chadwick International and our class have 15 students. (Susan is our class). We are fourth grade, 4C.
    You could come to our teacher’s blog and have many comments. Our teacher’s blog name is on Susan’s comment. (http://msphillipsonline.posterous.com)

    20 03 2012
      Darien Lopez (12:04:31) :     Reply

    Hi. I live n Missouri and am a sixth grader. What’s it like where you live? My teachers name is Mrs.Beaulieu. We started blogging in February. My class started blogging because we wanted to connect with other people in different parts of the world. Do you gs have a class twitter? Well, hopefully you can write back. 🙂 ~ Darien

      22 03 2012
        MsO's kiddos (10:02:40) :     Reply

      Hi Darien,
      We live in Arizona.We are in fourth grade.It is very nice in Arizona.Our teachers name is Ms.Olen.Yes we do have a class twitter.You can find us by MsOskiddos.How is it in your state?Please write back,

      Ms.O’s kiddos

    20 03 2012
      Meghan Byous (12:08:17) :     Reply

    Hello 4th graders,
    I really like your guy’s blog, it’s very neat Im from Missouri. My teacher is Mrs.Beaulieu(A Sixth Grade Window) I’m in 6th grade. We have been blogging for a few months, we started in Febuary.we stared blogging because we wanted to try it out and for other people to see what we have been doing. I have a few questions for you….. What part of Missouri do you live in? I also live in Missouri too. How long have you been teaching? Do you guys have a class twitter? Well I hope you write back and please check out our blog it’s called A Sith Grade Window.

      22 03 2012
        MsO's kiddos (10:12:58) :     Reply

      We are from Arizona. We started our blog in august. And yes we do have a class twitter.
      Ms.Olen has been teaching for five years. hope you write back.

      Ms.O’s kiddos

    15 04 2012
      Michelle Isenhoff (18:42:13) :     Reply

    Hi fourth graders! I used to be an elementary teacher, but I stopped teaching to raise my kids. No I’m a middle grade author, and I’m from Michigan. I found you on Twitter. Nice to meet you!

    3 09 2012
      madison (13:23:40) :     Reply

    Dear Mrs.Woronec,

    Im in your class The One And Only Ivan looks like a good book. I cant wait to read The One And Only Ivan. No I dont no anything about silverback gorillas I think the gorilla and the elephant will become best friends and try to excape from the circus. And the gorilla will raise a family of his one and the elephant will be part of his family or other silverback gorillas will join the circus. And will be like brothers.

    12 09 2012
      Ms Fernandes (11:48:33) :     Reply

    Hi 4th graders,
    We are from Melbourne, Australia. We have 21 students in our class, how many do you have?
    We too are a part of the blog challenge. We are a grade 5 class and have started blogging since August this year. We are hoping to share what we learn in school with our community and others around the world.

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