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6 02 2012

Some students in Ms. Olen’s class were given a creative challenge in writing.  They had to choose a picture from Chris Van Allsburg’s Mysteries of Harris Burdick.

Robynn and Damian worked together on creating a story.  They chose the picture titled The Seven Chairs

"The Seven Chairs"

You can read what Robynn and Damian have written so far below…


The Beginning of the End

By: Robynn & Damian

Chapter 1,       Then it happened!

“Are they coming.”, Derek said. “We need to get to the roof.”. ‘NO!”said Ashley.”what sis!”, said Derek.Then Derek looked back. He saw his sister running.They finally got to the roof and saw their friend Alex. He had a huge camping bag, then he pointed at the city.They heard people screaming.”We better get going”, said Derek.

“AAHH”, said Ashley as she fell to the floor with excruciating pain.There were muscular men in suits,the suits looked the ones bee keepers use.But still it scared us.Oh sorry I didn’t say my name,my names Derek Ursula.So any way they caught up with us.Then Alex fell, I was still up and running then I got to the end of the roof. I thought either end life now or suffer for the rest of my life. Then I turned around and surrendered.

Chapter 2     The Facility

When Derek first saw them he was in shock and then the men took  his hands so he couldn’t get away. Then Ashley pointed. Derek and both the men looked then Ashley ran towards them and pulled Derek away from the two men. Then Derek had a vision. There was a lady in mid-air  and she was sitting in a chair just floating there.

To be continued…

Robynn and Damian have also created a quiz to see if you were comprehending what you read.  Take the following test!


Did you enjoy Robynn and Damian’s story?

How could they improve as writers?

Do you have any suggestions for how they might continue their story?

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