Challenge 9, Favorites

17 11 2011

by Robynn, Damian, and Wyatt

This week’s challenge is about our favorites. We thought of our main thing we wanted to write about, and we all chose the topic food. So here are our favorite foods:

Robynn’s favorite:

My favorite food is cupcakes. I like it when they have lots of frosting on them. Cupcakes are so good. I love having cupcakes for birthdays. I love cupcakes!  Cupcakes are an American  birthday tradition.

Some rights reserved by Puzzler4879

Damian’s favorite:
My favorite food is an egg roll. I like the inside the most. I love when they are in soy sauce. They get a little salty. I love egg rolls! They can be a party snack for Chinese new year!
 Some rights reserved by Suzy S Photography

Some rights reserved by Suzy S Photography

Wyatt’s favorites:
My favorite food is a turkey.I especially like them with seasoning. There good for thanks giving. It’s an American tradition. I’ve been eating turkey since I was four. I like the leg of the turkey.
 Some rights reserved by eye of einstein

Some rights reserved by eye of einstein

Thank you for reading about our foods that we like that are also holiday foods in different countries.

What’s your favorite holiday foods?



13 responses to “Challenge 9, Favorites”

    18 11 2011
      Miss W. (17:58:09) :     Reply

    Robynn, Damian and Wyatt,

    Another great post with images correctly attributed and a link to another website so your readers can learn more about your favourite foods.

    I must admit, my favourite food is fresh strawberries and occasionally dipped in chocolate …. yummy.

    18 11 2011
      Mr Webb and Room 8, New Zealand (18:40:58) :     Reply

    Great post, I always like reading about what they do in different countries and I am a classroom teacher from New Zealand, I will show this to my class on Monday morning. I didn’t know that it was a tradition in America to give Cupcakes, so I enjoyed learning that from Robyn. I did know about Turkey, we have it here at Christmas sometimes for a special occassion but its not common like it is in America for Thanksgiving. I have to say that Damian, egg roll sounds disgusting, but I am glad if you like it.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

    19 11 2011
      gfraher (11:33:32) :     Reply

    Robynn, Damian, and Wyatt,

    What a great job you did on your blog. The pictures you chose were so good that it made we want to go get a cupcake! I think my favorite food would have to be chimichangas. They aren’t very good for you you, but very tasty.

    Mrs. Fraher
    Third Grade
    Peralta Trail Elementary, Arizona

    28 11 2011
      Mr. Fleming's Class (08:10:27) :     Reply

    Wow! Mr. Fleming really likes those cupcakes! He could eat them all up right now!

    Our class wanted to share a little about their favourite foods too!

    Here are some of our favourites:
    – Popcorn chicken smothered with creamed honey
    – Tacos
    – Apples and Oranges
    – Pizza
    – Hot dogs
    – Lobster
    – Cesar Salad
    – Mussels
    – Deer Meat
    – Corn Dog
    – Brownies with chocolate chips
    – Mom’s homemade potato chips
    – Moose Meat
    – Ice Cream
    – Chicken Wings
    – Cheese
    – Ice Cream with chocolate chips
    – Chocolate
    – Oreo Ice Cream
    – Candy
    – Spaghetti
    – Lasagna
    – Crab

    We have a wide variety of favourite foods!

    10 02 2012
      victoria (07:23:38) :     Reply

    thats a really good blog and mt favourite ‘holiday food’ is banger n mash! lol

    10 02 2012
      aaron (07:24:23) :     Reply

    hi that sounds realy fun and realy yum

    mildene primary school

    10 02 2012
      callum (07:25:08) :     Reply

    my favourouite holiday food would be pasta

    10 02 2012
      callum (07:26:24) :     Reply

    also it would be lobster

    i am from milldene

    10 02 2012
      Kate and Amy (07:27:56) :     Reply

    Hi my favourite food on your list is chocalate.Its really yummy!!

    10 02 2012
      callum (07:28:22) :     Reply

    i do not know

    10 02 2012
      matthew and jake(milldene) (07:29:06) :     Reply

    really good but interesting flavours.

    10 02 2012
      aaron (07:29:22) :     Reply

    what does moose meat taste like?

    milldene primary school

    27 03 2012
      Heather Beaulieu (16:49:41) :     Reply

    Wonderful photos and writing. I am finding how much vivid photos can bring out the writer in my students. Will be adding your blog to our blogroll, excellent work!

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