Challenge 8, Game Time

17 11 2011

by Robynn, Damian, and Wyatt

For Challenge 8, we played the commenting game. Here are the instructions:

  • click on a blog on the student list – count one
  • now click on a blog from their blogroll – count two
  • finally click on a blog from that blogroll – count three
All three of them ended up at Rushil is awesome‘s blog.

Rushil is awesome

Here are their comments:
Robynn: I love this because I love science.I love science because I can do over one trillion experiments.I want to learn about everything in science.Damian: I personally like science so I  loved it. Plus I liked the background. Good Job who ever made that blog!

Wyatt: I like science because you can learn about nature. I like your blog

Did you play this game? If so, where did you go and leave comments?
If not, give it a try and let us know where you went.



2 responses to “Challenge 8, Game Time”

    18 11 2011
      Miss W. (17:42:02) :     Reply

    Robynn, Damian and Wyatt,
    What a great blog to finish on and you left some interesting comments.

    PS. It was fantastic to work with the three of you at school with Mrs Watanabe. Your blogging is coming along very quickly.

    10 02 2012
      jessica.rayner (07:26:08) :     Reply

    hello that is a really good blog!!! i would love another blog of yours on here as they are very good…. by jessica at milldene

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