Creativity, Challenge #7

25 10 2011

For the Student Challenge #7, Ms. Olen’s students had time to explore sites and let their creativity flow.¬† Here were some of their favorite:

Ryan likes that Toy Theater Music Maker. He says it help you learn the musical notes.

Jagger’s favorite was the jigsaw puzzles from GettyGames, until he went to ArtPad.

Eriko likes the ArtPad. She thinks it’s creative and you can draw with different sizes and colors of pens or paint. This would be great for making original art for your research report or project.

What were your favorites?

How could you use your creativity as part of your daily learning?



4 responses to “Creativity, Challenge #7”

    25 10 2011
      Miss W. (16:13:11) :     Reply

    Mrs Olen’s students,
    I actually learnt about the art pad website while I was visiting Mrs Allen in Illinois. She had her kindergarten children using the program to draw something creative.

    Has your class used any other websites that show off your creativity that I could add to my list?

    12 01 2012
      Robby (15:15:19) :     Reply

    Cool pictures of those creatures that you drew or created up.I that you could use that creativity in scoop by using them in spelling were you hide words in them and then try to find them.My favorite one of the pics was the creature playing the piano.

    1 04 2012
      √©pilation laser Paris (07:43:03) :     Reply

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    30 04 2012
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