Visiting others on our Blogroll

7 10 2011

For the Student Blogging Challenge #4, we visited other classes on our blogroll and left them comments.



Where do you think we should visit next? 



5 responses to “Visiting others on our Blogroll”

    7 10 2011
      jgoucher (11:12:12) :     Reply

    Dear Mrs. Olen’s Class,

    We love your blog. I enjoyed visiting 4H Waka adventures that connects to your blog. How interesting! Did you get any good poetry ideas from her blog? How will you use other people’s blogs to influence your teaching? I look forward to visiting your blog soon.

    Mrs. Goucher’s Class

      21 10 2011
        Tiffani and Verenice (14:11:01) :     Reply

      Dear Goucher’s class,

      Thanks for looking at our class blog, I hoped you liked it.
      Thanks for sending us a comment. We like visiting blogs.

      Tiffani and Verenice

    12 10 2011
      MrV (09:44:57) :     Reply

    Looking good! I hope to make a road trip to Arizona one day with my family. It must be nice there in the winter, while we’re rained-in up here in the Pacific Northwest.

    20 10 2011
      Miss Tripp (18:31:36) :     Reply

    Dear Ms. Olen’s Class,

    Your blog has a great start, and it looks like you’ve found some super examples to explore! I remember when I started my own blog, I found Mrs. Yollis’ blog and thought I had died and gone to blog Heaven! Isn’t she amazing? I continue to learn a lot from her and am glad for wonderful educators like her I can collaborate with.

    My students and I look forward to learning from your class as well :). In a couple of weeks we will start studying different ecosystems; we would love to learn about your environment! Many of my students have never been out west, so you could be our eyes and ears and help us learn a lot about the plants, animals, and characteristics of your region. Do you think you could help us?

    Happy Friday,
    Miss Tripp of SC

    21 10 2011
      Damian and Christian (14:01:29) :     Reply

    Dear Miss Tripp,

    Here in Arizona it isn’t always nice in winter, because it’s colder than you think it would be compared to our summers. Since we live in the desert it gets up to 115 F in the summer, but drops down a lot at night. In the winter, it does the same. It can drop down 30 degrees at night. So if it is 60 in the day, it can be 30 at night. How cold is it in the winter?

    I liked your question, so i am going to help with a little of it. The animals in Arizona are cool. The only one that is specific to Arizona that I know of is the Arizona Ring tail.

    Damian and Christian


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