Creativity, Challenge #7

25 10 2011

For the Student Challenge #7, Ms. Olen’s students had time to explore sites and let their creativity flow.  Here were some of their favorite:

Ryan likes that Toy Theater Music Maker. He says it help you learn the musical notes.

Jagger’s favorite was the jigsaw puzzles from GettyGames, until he went to ArtPad.

Eriko likes the ArtPad. She thinks it’s creative and you can draw with different sizes and colors of pens or paint. This would be great for making original art for your research report or project.

What were your favorites?

How could you use your creativity as part of your daily learning?

World Problems

21 10 2011

by Damian and Christian

Written for Student Challenge #6 and #5.

Some rights reserved by SPazzø

There are bad people and cruel things in the world. We have different opinions which one is the worst, so we wanted to take a poll to see which one you think is the worst. Click on your answer.


Why do you think that one is the worst?

What other global problems should we have put on our poll?

Visiting others on our Blogroll

7 10 2011

For the Student Blogging Challenge #4, we visited other classes on our blogroll and left them comments.



Where do you think we should visit next? 

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