Internet Safety

26 09 2011

Last week the Arizona Attorney General came to our school to talk to us about internet safety.  We were surprised to hear that Arizona is the number two state in identity theft.  The picture above is a visual of all the things we learned.  There were four main points in what we heard from the Attorney General:

1. Don’t give out information about yourself (phone number, home address, email address).

2. Don’t cyberbully, it’s the law. The police know everything and can trace messages back to you.  Be nice to others.

3. Watch out for cyberpredation. Some people are not really who they say they are and may try to trick you.

4. You shouldn’t have Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter account until you are at least 13 years of age or have parent permission.  If you do have one of these accounts be careful of the information you post so predators can’t track you.  Only add people who you have met in person.  Also, once you put something on the web you can’t delete it.



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