Phases of the Moon

We recently closed up an objective on the phases of the moon. I wanted to make sure the students remembered how to identify them when given their names. So, why not apply that with the delicious Oreo cookie! The students loved it!

oreo (1) oreo (2) oreo (3)


Before spring break the students were to create a blueprint of a house they’d like when they grow up. This was to bring closure to some Area concepts we had revisited. It had to be a minimum of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. I had a local construction company donate six house blueprints of their different model homes. The students were automatically excited to do this once they saw what could be inside of a house now.  The first four pictures are the students observing the professional blueprints. The last two are student created blueprints.

blueprints (1) blueprints (4) blueprints (5) blueprints (6)blueprints (2)blueprints (3)

Simple Machines fun

As we finished up our unit on Simple Machines, I thought it would be fun to make Lego Car Races. Now, of course it needs to relate to simple machine. Therefore, they need to go down a ramp and include other aspects of simple machines. Parts of the Lego car are simple machines and so is the ramp. The students took this as a challenge to beat each other and to have the most stylist car.

Lego Car (1) Lego Car (2) Lego Car (3) Lego Car (4) LegoCars (1) LegoCars (2) LegoCars (3) LegoCars (4) LegoCars (5)


Recently in Science, we’ve been learning about molecules and how they react to each other. We watched the Magic School Bus episode called “Molly Cule” intensively due to a lab coming up on this concept. In the video, Molly Cule brings her car to the class to wash it before her concert,  she notices a molecule of dirt on her car. From there . . . . the lesson was on. In the lab, students mixed water and soap in one cup. The next cup, students mixed baby oil and water. They were to document what happens when the molecules react.  The final step was the mix soap with the oil and water. It’s amazing how much students love using their hands in learning. Most of their hypothesis were correct. It was easy and fun!

OilWater SoapWater


The past few weeks have been great in Math! Students have dominated the concept of volume and classifying quadrilaterals. Here’s some pictures of students constructing some solids to find the length, width, and height. You will also find one picture of a student classifying quadrilaterals.

bluepinkVol BlueVol MuliVol YellowVolQuads

Natural Disasters

To finish up the second quarter in Science, we discovered natural disasters! Students were to do research on an elected natural disaster. They were to given about a week to get data and another week to compile it on to a poster board for display in a presentation to the class. They were asked how often their disaster occurs, how it’s created, and how many have happened in the past decade or so. Some students made models and they were fantastic. The first two pictures are a model of tsunamis destroying a town. The picture with apple cider vinegar and rock looking object  is a model of a volcano and how it may erupt. Well done ladies!

IMG_3464 IMG_3465 IMG_3466

Ordering and Comparing Decimals

We recently had the objective of ordering and comparing decimals. Nothing is more of a real life example of comparing and order decimals then sports (gymnastics and baseball are the sports we used). The following will show you the tasks I asked the students to accomplish and what the end result was with each task.

IMG_3258 IMG_3262 IMG_3263 IMG_3264 IMG_3265

First Week

This year we went to a four day school week. Wow, were we tired. Students and teachers both were dragging come Thursday. As we start week two were adjusting and soaking in those objectives. I saw someone post this on their Facebook and thought it related well to what our first week was like.



I felt many students and I thought that this change was a little scary because we felt we had to cram information into more throughout the week. We need to have faith in the decisions and not fear what could happen.