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Language is a gift!


I’ve had this quote ping-ponging around my brain since I heard it in last Friday’s ELL training from the Arizona Department of Education:


Reading at home and at school


Reading is key to success- both at school and in the world. Being a strong reader opens up a whole world of information, ideas, and stories. As educators, we know that it’s important to help students build a strong foundation as a reader. But there are also some simple steps we can take at home to help children become the strong readers we want them to be. Here are 14 ways to encourage reading at home:

#1 Create a home library. Make sure children have access to books and other reading materials that are interesting to them.
#2 Set aside family reading time. Make this a regular family event.
#3 Read aloud together. Interact with your child and the book. Take turns, talk about the story, make voices for the characters, and have fun being together.
#4 Talk about what you read. Be sure to ask children what they thought about what was read, or what they think will happen next.
#5 Bring stories to life. Act out stories with puppets, stuffed animals, etc.
#6 Play word games. Ask children to hunt for special words in the book, or to find rhyming words for a word from the story.
#7 Take reading on the road. Look for words in the world around us to practice reading (i.e. street and business signs, grocery store signs, license plates, etc.)
#8 Play board games. Many reinforce literacy skills.
#9 Get crafty. Help children follow the directions to create a project.
#10 Tell your own stories. Share your family stories with your child. Or make a family story book together.
#11 Go exploring. Ask your child to pick a country to learn more about, and visit the library or research websites together to learn more about this country.
#12 Have your child help with shopping. Enlist your child’s help to review ads, make lists, and find items in the store.
#13 Make good use of technology. There are many websites and games that help children practice reading (check out Tumblebooks at www.ajusd.org under Student Resources for one example.)
#14 Take advantage of library programs. The Apache Junction library has a wealth of books and a variety of programs that will help your children discover a passion for reading.

Adapted from “14 Ways to Encourage Reading at Home” from Channing-Bete

Happy Reading!

-AJUSD Title I Program


Hello world!


Welcome to the AJUSD Title I blog. The goal statement of our Title I program is “Fostering a love of reading and math; helping students become independent, lifelong readers and encouraging students to persevere in becoming successful mathematicians.”

This blog is intended to be one small step towards doing just that.  Look for tips, resources, and observations to help stoke the fires of curiosity and wonder that help students become passionate readers and learners.


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