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Meeting the Komodo Dragon
Our class was once again wowed with the information we learned during our Skype with #GEOshow! This time, we were introduced to the Komodo dragon at the Komodo National Park in Indonesi (More)
Asian Elephants and the Geo Show!
It finally happened. We were on camera visitors for our last Skype call with Brandon from Learning Around the World! It was the most exciting show yet, with so much to learn. Here are a (More)
Our Big Week!
We had an incredibly busy week in third grade! You may have already seen our post on the O.R.E.O. Project, but it did not end there. On Thursday morning we (More)
O.R.E.O Challenge 2016
Post written by Peyton Today was THE OREO CHALLENGE!  We had to stack as many as you can before it falls over.  The average stack was 16. There were a lot of the same numbers like 15, 19, 1 (More)
Mystery Skype Research
On Thursday, Mrs. Moore shared with us we would be starting a new social studies unit on maps. We thought maps sounded like a cool thing to learn about, but then it got even better! Soon we will be Skyping with other classrooms all over the United St (More)
Skype With Denali National Park and Preserve
On Thursday, we had the pleasure of Skyping with Park Ranger Katie from Denali National Park and Preserve. We have been learning about and following the Iditarod, so this was the perfect Skype to learn more about the sled dog teams that live and work (More)
Monday was the first time we were unable to figure out where in the United States the class was located during a Mystery Skype. We diligently worked through our yes or no ques (More)
Skype Call With Denali National Park
Recently our class had the opportunity to Skype with a park ranger from Denali National Park and Preserve! We found out tons of new information about the park and the sled dogs that live there. In fact, the focus of our call was to learn more about s (More)
Fifth Grade Connections
This morning, we realized that at one time, all three of our fifth grade classes were connecting with other people, using three different methods! Mr. Hendrie\'s class was using Zoom to video con (More)
Advice From Real Authors
In our classes this year we have spent a lot of time talking about authors---the real people who write the text we read. Authors make choices as they are writing that affect what we see in their final text. We have been practicing making writing choi (More)
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