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Some of what we learned from our reading this week. Earthquakes happen everyday somewhere in the world. Earthquakes are caused when tectonic plates move. Some earthquakes can destroy houses, bridges, and buildings. Most earthquakes last (More)
Our Newly Planted School Garden
Plant Time Today we learned how to plant a seed the proper way. Destiny and I are partners. I planted three types of seeds, radishes, marigolds, and sunflower seeds. Destiny and I  had lots of fun. I got really messy with the soil, but at the same t (More)
Our Penguins Arrived!
Well, not actual penguins, but our postcards arrived via snail mail all the way from Antartica! We didn't get a chance to blog about it, but we actually talked with scientist at the south pole through Skype! It was amazing! They answered our question (More)
Cactus Adventures with Longwood Gardens
Today we had a video conference with  Longwood Gardens  in Pennsylvania. We learned about cactus and different parts of a plant. (More)
Our Journey to the Underwater Caves in The Bahamas!
This time, we did go on an actual field trip! We piled in the big black school buses (yep, we took the special high school buses!) and headed to the Mesa Arts Center. [caption id="attachment_2570" align (More)
Meeting the Komodo Dragon
Our class was once again wowed with the information we learned during our Skype with #GEOshow! This time, we were introduced to the Komodo dragon at the Komodo National Park in Indonesi (More)
Asian Elephants and the Geo Show!
It finally happened. We were on camera visitors for our last Skype call with Brandon from Learning Around the World! It was the most exciting show yet, with so much to learn. Here are a (More)
O.R.E.O Challenge 2016
Post written by Peyton Today was THE OREO CHALLENGE!  We had to stack as many as you can before it falls over.  The average stack was 16. There were a lot of the same numbers like 15, 19, 1 (More)
Bears and Bobcats and Ringtails Oh My!
We had the chance to take a look at some very interesting artifacts from the Arizona Game and Fish. Here are some of our thoughts about our latest trip to our Makerspace. When we went to the makerspace room we saw dead animals. We felt their fur a (More)
Mystery Fruit
Do you know what this is? After looking at it and touching it, some of our thoughts were coconut, mango, or maybe an exotic fruit!? More)
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