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Lovin' the Legos!
Science, technology, food, oh my!  Who knew there were so many different things you could do with Legos.  Our class had a great day learning with Legos recently.  We created simple machines, made stop motion videos, built with them on the computer, d (More)
Family Follies-Happy About Habitats
Each month our families get together to give us a chance to show off what we have been learning in class.  This month we all got together to learn about habitats around the world in a little different way.  First, we decorated our room with the weath (More)
See Our Garden Grow!
Our class has been hard at work revitalizing our school garden.  This is a great way for us to learn about plants and their habitats. Class families got together on a fabulous Saturday morning to make a couple raised garden beds and to make our ga (More)
Science Sleepover
We ended the year with a Science Sleepover…not so much sleep, though.  We had a lot of fun spending time with family and friends as we learned about vibration, pitch, and sound.   Check out what we did! [gallery ids=\"1435,1437,1438,1462,1436,1439, (More)
Here we go!
Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, FPES family members everywhere... Rocky's Academy is here!   Join us this Saturday for some awesome classes.  PK-1 Rainbow Fish: Learning About Friendship with Mrs. Carney and Mrs. Hayward Grad (More)
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