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Week 9: Factors and Science
This week we spent some time playing a game to learn our factors. The students had to "compete" with a partner to find the most factors. Along with that, we took the time to research Renewable and Non-Renewable resources. Each student made a poster t (More)
Solar Eclipse
We took some time out of our day to observe the partial eclipse on August 21st. It was fun to "see" the sun and moon through our homemade pinhole viewers. Landon remarked, "Mrs. Mortenson, it's not as hot right now." He noticed right away the differe (More)
Lovin' the Legos!
Science, technology, food, oh my!  Who knew there were so many different things you could do with Legos.  Our class had a great day learning with Legos recently.  We created simple machines, made stop motion videos, built with them on the computer, d (More)
Family Follies-Happy About Habitats
Each month our families get together to give us a chance to show off what we have been learning in class.  This month we all got together to learn about habitats around the world in a little different way.  First, we decorated our room with the weath (More)
See Our Garden Grow!
Our class has been hard at work revitalizing our school garden.  This is a great way for us to learn about plants and their habitats. Class families got together on a fabulous Saturday morning to make a couple raised garden beds and to make our ga (More)
Science Sleepover
We ended the year with a Science Sleepover…not so much sleep, though.  We had a lot of fun spending time with family and friends as we learned about vibration, pitch, and sound.   Check out what we did! [gallery ids=\"1435,1437,1438,1462,1436,1439, (More)
Here we go!
Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, FPES family members everywhere... Rocky's Academy is here!   Join us this Saturday for some awesome classes.  PK-1 Rainbow Fish: Learning About Friendship with Mrs. Carney and Mrs. Hayward Grad (More)
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