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Red Ribbon Week
The last week of October is our Red Ribbon Week.  Just as we have done the last few years, we celebrated by holding a spirit week!  Each day had a different theme! Look at our class spirit!!! (More)
Fire Safety
Second graders had Fire Safety last week.  We learned a lot of things and even got to go see the fire engine. Here are some things we have learned... Have an adult tes (More)
1st Quarter Elite
After working very hard this 1st quarter, we had two groups of students that stood out above the rest.  Everyone worked very hard, but these students worked hard and kept up their grades. More)
Frog or Toad Debate
After much research and discussion, our class was in separate corners on deciding if our class pet is a frog or a toad.  We learned about how debate using facts to defend our answers.  Here is the video!   More)
Frog or Toad?
                          Please check out our video!   (More)
Second Grade Morning News
Our class takes part in morning meetings every morning to set our day up for success.  Take a peak at what we do. Morning Meeting from Shannon Miller on More)
Well, here we go! Let's BLOG!
Well, this is the big moment!  I am going to start blogging!  This is where I plan to show what the class is doing and get the class invlved in the fun!  So feel free to let me know what you are thinking and would like to see. (More)
Ready to START!
We are about ready to jump right back into school and I am so excited!  I hope everyone is as excited as I am!  I am ready to  START teaching. I am ready to START meeting new friends. I am ready to START catching up with past friends. I (More)
Summer Fun
I was lucky for all the fun things I got to do this summer.  As a family we got to go to the circus, and go up north for some camping and fireworks.  We also took a trip to the Science Museum and did A LOT of swimming. [gallery ids="370,373,371,37 (More)
Positives and Negatives
I do not know about you but I am really glad about this upcoming  school year!  I know I know, all students reading this are probably thinking this guy is crazy!  Actually i am just thinking about the positives  about it not the negatives.  It is act (More)
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