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Pumpkin Day
We had a fun day measuring hot tall, how heavy and what the circumference is on 6 different pumpkins.  We also opened them up and counted up all the seeds.   Pumpkin Day from More)
Adventures with Lollipop
Our first few weeks of taking turns with babysitting Lollipop went quickly.  Here is what Lollipop was up to... "We were watching movies, reading and walking.  We were having fun and he is happy to be with me.  This is the best day ever!!!! Me (More)
New Friends In Class
Last week we started reading our One Book, One District book.  Friendship According to Humphrey is a lovable story about a classroom hamster who has been forced to share his classroom with a new class pet, Og the Frog.  Our class has taken to this st (More)
Dot Day
September 15th was International Dot Day and our class had fun being part of all the fun.  We read the story The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.  We participated by doing different \"dot\" activities.  Watch the video below to see what we did. More)
Johnny Appleseed Day
We read a play in class about Johnny Appleseed and what he meant to our American History.  To celebrate his birthday,  Mrs. Miller brought in dried apples, apple slices, apple butter, apple pie (another pie brought in by Rylee too), and we attempted (More)
Night Before School
When I was a kid, I was always too excited to sleep the night before school.  Not much has changed with being a teacher.  Tomorrow starts a new school year with a whole new class of students.  I am excited to meet them all and learn more about them.  (More)
Flag Ceremony
On March 5, Second Grade performed for the whole school! We put together a video to show but technology got the best of us and we could not get i (More)
Meet Lollipop our new pet!
We have a new class pet in our room.  His name is Lollipop.  He is a hamster that is going home with a student every night to have a new adventure!  This i (More)
Reading With Kindergarten
Our class had the awesome experience to collaborate with a Kindergarten class at our school.  Students prepared and followed a lesson plan to perform a Close Read with a Kindergarten Buddy.  They circled important words and underlined things that wer (More)
Pumpkin Seed Project
Our class participated in a global project called \"The Pumpkin Seed Project\".  We were asked to count the seeds in one pumpkin and share the results online for other teachers to see.  We had 6 pumpkins for our class project and we did more than jus (More)
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