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Fairy Tales with a Twist-Part One
Our class has been studying fairy tales and other folktales.  Take a look at the project Emma has done using Story Jumper.  This project is part of our Fairy Tales with a Twist p (More)
How Do You Review?
With benchmark testing approaching, it was time to make sure we were ready to go! Of course we did the normal practice stuff, and then go over it with Mrs. Moore, but we also did a lot of really cool things to help give us that nudge! Here are some o (More)
Whale Reports
Our class found out facts about whales.  We wrote reports to show all that we learned.  There were four groups that researched different types of whales.  The whales we researched were the Right Whale, Humpback Whale, Orca and Blue Whale.  After the (More)
Building Reading Stamina
Welcome to our first blog post of the 2014-15 school year! Today we are going to be sharing some resources about building stamina, particularly in reading. Building independent reading stamina is the key concept in The Daily 5, by Gail Boushey and (More)
Veteran\'s Day Remembrance
Each year Desert Vista Elementary takes time to honor the veteran\'s and those who are currently in the military.  We come together as a school to show our appreciation of their bravery and sacrifice.  This event is very important to all of us, espec (More)
The Sound of Music
The halls were filled with the sound of music...violin music, that is!  Our class had a unique privilege this last week to listen to Tricia Park and More)
Book Sharing
  Dear Class, We all have been reading quite a bit these past few weeks.  What is your favorite book and why?  My favorite book series is the Black Lagoon book set.  I really enjoy reading about all of the antics of the characters in t (More)
We are working on alliteration in poetry.  What is alliteration?  It is a sentence where every word starts with the same letter.  Here are some of ours we made up in class... Ali ate an apple again and again. Bailey\'s brother bragged because h (More)
Oreo Project 2014
There is so more to an Oreo than two cookie wafers and some creamy filling!  Our class learned this first hand as we participated in this year\'s Oreo Project through More)
Constitution Week 2014
It is so important for children to understand the sacrifices our ancestors gave toward making our country a free and amazing place to live.  So, each September we learn about the birth of America and some of the important places that symbolize our fr (More)
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