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Poetry Cafe
Everyone knows the cool cats hang out at the Poetry Cafe!  Well, the coolest of the cool cats were at our Poetry Cafe in Room 15.  They were able to hear some great poems written by the third graders in our class, as well as read famous poems from Ed (More)
Bristle Bots: An Electric Beginning
So, we all know electricity is everywhere and we would have a hard time living without it, But do you know what electricity is and how it works?  No?  Well, sit back and enjoy! Electricity is the flow of electrons that have moved out of its path.  T (More)
Dr. Seuss Celebration!
This year we really went all out on reading and discussing books written by Dr. Seuss.  It was hard, but we tried to have fun!   Here is a vide (More)
Lucky the Leprechaun Strikes Again!
Each year, Mrs. Fraher and her classroom is plagued with the antics of Lucky the Leprechaun.  This year was no different! More)
Teaching Fables in Second Grade
In class we took time to learn about fables and folktales.  Students were divided into four different groups to learn a fable and study the moral.  Each group was then responsible to make a video to share the summary of story.  They are listed below. (More)
Lon Po Po and Ginkgo Nuts
We recently read Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China by Ed Young. If you have not read it, we highly recommend you do! We thought it was a f (More)
Cinderellas, Plural?
Did you know there are several versions of the story we know as Cinderella? We had the opportunity as a class to read and then compare and contrast five of these stories. It was very interesting to hear the different versions from around the world. W (More)
Holiday Card Exchange 2014
One popular holiday tradition is to send cards to friends and families.  Our class was able to participate in this tradition through Projects by Jen\'s Holiday Card Exchange.  We created our own cards with this year\'s theme being \"Lights\" and then (More)
What Is A Diagram?
In the middle of learning about penguins, we needed to fill in a diagram on one.  We paused a moment and the students told me what a diagram was.  Here is what they came up with. More)
Penguin Poem
While we have been reading about penguins, we read a nonfiction poem about penguins.  We liked it so much, we decided to read it to you.   Emperor Penguin from More)
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