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Harvest Time at Desert Vista!
Our class is working hard on our garden, Nature's Rainbow, the Hummingbird Garden, and our Sunflower Garden. We harvested kohlrabi, cilantro, tomatoes, and green onions.  Each of us got to try the tomatoes.  They were a lot better than the ones at th (More)
Jacob Waltz: The Lost Dutchman
There are many tales about the Superstition Mountains.  These mountains are the setting of legends based on some facts and some exaggeration. Some of these stories make people chuckle and others tell of mysteries not yet solved.  Hi, my name is Campb (More)
M-I-C...K-E-Y Mouse!
Hello, my name is Addy.  Today, November 18, is Mickey Mouse's birthday!  Our class is celebrating this special day. More)
The Superstitions: Home to Many
Did you know our community once was the home of several Native American tribes?  My name is Peta, and I would like to tell you some information about some Native Americans that lived in our area of Apa (More)
Global Read Aloud - 2015
   Our class is reading \"Fish in a Tree\" for our Global Read Aloud project. What are your thoughts when someone might feel as if they are a fish in a tree? What do you think could be done to make that person feel better? (More)
Facts You May Not Know...Benjamin Franklin
Hi, my name is Nicholas, and I am here to answer the question... Who was Benjamin Franklin? More)
Constitution Week Fun
Well, we just finished our annual Constitution Week festivities.  All week we learned about important events leading up to the founding of our country and some important US symbols.  It was great fun and everyone learned so much.  We ended the week w (More)
The U.S Constitution
My name is Campbell. This page is about the U.S Constitution. The reason I\'m writing about the U.s Constitution is because I did a presentation on the U.S Constitution during my class\' Family Follies Day at school. I used orginalzational features i (More)
Thomas Jefferson by Peta
Hi, my name is Peta.  This is a Voki that I made about Thomas Jefferson and what he did.  I made this because I read a book about him.  Our class is learning about the beginning of America and the people who were helpful to America. Enjoy!   (More)
After a week of similes and idioms, we took it outside to show some of what we learned! We used nature and other things we saw outside to inspire us to use similes to help describe what we saw. Then we took pictures, and put them in this Animoto vide (More)
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