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Global Cardboard Challenge 2015
Our class has participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge, sponsored by the Imagination Foundation, every year since 2012. You can read about our first challenge More)
Picture It 2015
Our bulletin board for Picture It 2015 Picture It is another great col (More)
Global School Play Day
On February 4, we, along with 65,000 other students in 6 continents, participated in the First Annual Global School Play Day. This was a day to celebrat (More)
Fifth Grade Connections
This morning, we realized that at one time, all three of our fifth grade classes were connecting with other people, using three different methods! Mr. Hendrie\'s class was using Zoom to video con (More)
Wonder: Our Favorite Precepts
Our class read aloud for first quarter has been the book Wonder, by R.J. Palacio. It\'s the kind o (More)
The Peace Crane Project
Did you know that September 21 is the United Nations International Day of Peace? This year we (More)
A Peek At Our Week
We\'ve been so busy ever since school started! We are learning more about blogging so that we can start our own individual student blogs. We plan to have them set up in time to participate in the More)
Iditarod 2014
It\'s Iditarod time again! We are excited to participate in the More)
Iditarod Update #1
Posted March 9: Our class is on Spring Break this upcoming week. Before the break we were eagerly following the Iditarod and checki (More)
Observing the Plant Life Cycle---With Pumpkins!
In third grade we study plants and their life cycles. This year we\'ve experienced almost every part of the plant life cycle by observing pumpkins! Li (More)
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