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What does a plant need?
This week we've been talking about plants and their life cycle. Yesterday we took a look at the 5 things that all plants need to survive: Sun Water Soil Air Space Our kiddos did a great job creating and labeling a diagram of a plant.   (More)
Our Garden
Today we read an awesome book by Janet Stevens called Tops and Bottoms and then did an activity to decide what veggies grow above ground and what ones grow below.  Once we got some background knowledge into us, we ventured out back to our school gard (More)
See Our Garden Grow!
Our class has been hard at work revitalizing our school garden.  This is a great way for us to learn about plants and their habitats. Class families got together on a fabulous Saturday morning to make a couple raised garden beds and to make our ga (More)
Plant Project Makes Our School Beautiful
Flowers, friends, and families were as abundant as the flowers we planted at school recently.  Our class has been studying plants, their parts, and their lifecycle. There was a very plain, somewhat ugly, pl (More)
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