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"Arrr Matey", Skype Conference and Sealife kind of day!
Today was a pretty busy day!  We started our week off by taking a look at words that have "ar" in them.  We came up with all different kinds of words that we use each day.  The cool things is we got to act like pirates and got to practice our best pi (More)
Wednesday was a day all about seahorse inspired by Eric Carle's book Mister Seahorse.  We learned about some awesome Seahorse facts, and got to learn about watercolor paints by making our own seahorse. Their works of art are up on the SeeSaw app! Mak (More)
The Turtle Hospital
Today we kicked off our new unit on sea animals!  We started out by learning about Sea Turtles.  This afternoon we got a chance to do a virtual Skype field trip with The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, FL.  We learned about the different types of sea tu (More)
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