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Veterans Are Special!
Each year our school honors the courage and bravery of the veterans in our community.  Community members who are veterans, as well as school family members, are invited to attend a ceremony the day before Veteran's Day.  We have the Apache Junction N (More)
M-I-C...K-E-Y Mouse!
Hello, my name is Addy.  Today, November 18, is Mickey Mouse's birthday!  Our class is celebrating this special day. More)
See Our Garden Grow!
Our class has been hard at work revitalizing our school garden.  This is a great way for us to learn about plants and their habitats. Class families got together on a fabulous Saturday morning to make a couple raised garden beds and to make our ga (More)
Facts You May Not Know...Benjamin Franklin
Hi, my name is Nicholas, and I am here to answer the question... Who was Benjamin Franklin? More)
Constitution Week Fun
Well, we just finished our annual Constitution Week festivities.  All week we learned about important events leading up to the founding of our country and some important US symbols.  It was great fun and everyone learned so much.  We ended the week w (More)
The U.S Constitution
My name is Campbell. This page is about the U.S Constitution. The reason I\'m writing about the U.s Constitution is because I did a presentation on the U.S Constitution during my class\' Family Follies Day at school. I used orginalzational features i (More)
Thomas Jefferson by Peta
Hi, my name is Peta.  This is a Voki that I made about Thomas Jefferson and what he did.  I made this because I read a book about him.  Our class is learning about the beginning of America and the people who were helpful to America. Enjoy!   (More)
Taking a Look Back…Field Trip Time!
When school memories come to mind one of the best memories is the school field trip.  Take a trip down memory lane with the third graders in our class and see what we learned at the More)
End of the Year
After receiving awards for our many achievements this year, we watched an end of the year video.   Grab some popcorn and take a peek. What was your favorite part of the year or video? 2014-2015 School Year (More)
Science Sleepover
We ended the year with a Science Sleepover…not so much sleep, though.  We had a lot of fun spending time with family and friends as we learned about vibration, pitch, and sound.   Check out what we did! [gallery ids=\"1435,1437,1438,1462,1436,1439, (More)
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