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The Superstitions: Home to Many
Did you know our community once was the home of several Native American tribes?  My name is Peta, and I would like to tell you some information about some Native Americans that lived in our area of Apa (More)
Worm is the Word
Worm, worm...worm is the word!   Worms are so cool and very important to our world, but these silent creatures don\'t get the props they (More)
A Flat Friend Farewell
Before we left for summer vacation, our class finished up a project based from the Flat Stanley books. [caption id="attachment_860" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Our class (More)
Thank You!
I can not believe we are almost done with school and I get to use this fancy typing font!  Actually no I can not use that, but I was not lying about almost being done with school!  The bad part about that is that I am almost done with the challenge t (More)
Fishing For Compliments
Have you ever fished for a compliment?  Maybe hinted around to someone about a new haircut or awesome pair of shoes hoping they would say something about them? Well, if you did you were fishing for a compliment!   "Fishing for a compliment" is an ex (More)
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