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O.R.E.O. Project
On Thursday, our class participated in Our Really Exciting Online Project! It might sound like just fun and games, , stacking Oreo cookies, but we learned a lot using a variety of math ski (More)
Building Place Values
Today in enrichment, we used hundreds, tens, and ones to create pictures. Then, we wrote about the pictures we made. More)
We Like Candy
During math enrichment time we created models to show groups of ten with leftovers. More)
Caps For Sale!
After reading \"The Hat,\" we also read \"Caps For Sale.\" Also since we were learning about patterns, we created a project that blended the two. More)
Area and Perimeter
Today we discovered that shapes that have the same area, don\'t always have the same perimeter. It can also sometimes be the same area and perimeter. Perimeter measures the outside or barrier of the shape. Area measures the surface or inside of a sha (More)
How Tall Is A Redwood?
When Mr. and Mrs. Moore came to visit last week, we saw this picture in one of the books they brought us. It was Mrs. Moore standing in the middle of a redwood! We were looking at her in person, so we knew she was a normal size person, so how big are (More)
Picture It 2015
Our bulletin board for Picture It 2015 Picture It is another great col (More)
Honey Bee Story Problems
These are our story problems with 3 addends. More)
Bumble Bee Number Bonds
What to do three numbers added together equal?.... More)
Word Problem Books
We have been reading and creating our own story problems for addition and subtraction.We each made a 16 page book of story problems, equations, and pictures. More)
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