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Creamy, Cold Patterns
We can show numbers in four different ways!
This week we have been practicing showing numbers in different ways. Today students were given a three digit number and as a team had to show it in the different ways we were learning about. Then each team took turns showing the class how they did it (More)
Caps for Sale in First Grade
Making patterns with caps! (More)
Building 100!
Today we decided to make our number fluency into a race.  All our our kiddos were given a few cards.  It was their job to figure out where their numbers fit in the 100's chart!  We're going to try and beat our time tomorrow! More)
Race to 100!
Yesterday we were working on a super fun math race activity to help us recognize our numbers up to 100.  We had to estimate or take a guess as to how many times we would have to roll the dice to make it to 100.  They did a wonderful job counting and (More)
Lovin' the Legos!
Science, technology, food, oh my!  Who knew there were so many different things you could do with Legos.  Our class had a great day learning with Legos recently.  We created simple machines, made stop motion videos, built with them on the computer, d (More)
Harvest Time at Desert Vista!
Our class is working hard on our garden, Nature's Rainbow, the Hummingbird Garden, and our Sunflower Garden. We harvested kohlrabi, cilantro, tomatoes, and green onions.  Each of us got to try the tomatoes.  They were a lot better than the ones at th (More)
Project Pencils is a Winner!
Helping others is a good thing...especially when you can win an award while doing it!  Our class finished the project and had great results.  Through selling pencils and "pencil pals"  we were able to raise $650 to help children in Nairobi, Kenya and (More)
How High Can You Jump?
This was the questioned posed to all 3rd graders last week. But, how would we measure our jumps? This was our first question to conquer. Juliana also mentioned we needed to figure out the materials needed to complete the experiment. Individually, eve (More)
Busy With 3D Shapes
We took some time before we learned everything there was to know about 3D shapes to explore.  We learned about what faces, edges and vertices were and then we got into pairs to explore geometry.  See our pictures below to see us hard at work. [gal (More)
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