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A Peek Into Our Week
It might have been a short week (only 3 days), but it was definitely busy! We have been waiting all year for this day. We finally got our recorders! Mrs. Turner even taught us "Hot Cross Buns" and Connor already earned his white belt! Hopefully by (More)
Week 9: Factors and Science
This week we spent some time playing a game to learn our factors. The students had to "compete" with a partner to find the most factors. Along with that, we took the time to research Renewable and Non-Renewable resources. Each student made a poster t (More)
Many Ways to Divide
We have been working on learning many ways to multiply and divide the last few weeks. We were having a bit of difficulty with our standard division, so we spent some engaged time with a more hands-on activity. This really helped us to slow down and p (More)
Gummy Worm Measuring
To help wrap up our unit of measuring items we had some fun with measuring gummy worms.  First we needed to measure them in both centimeters and inches and write down how long they were.  Next, we had to stretch our worm and see how much longer they (More)
Pizza Is Here
These are fraction pizzas. (More)
Santa Came for Us!
Sunrise Resort was so nice to invite us to meet Santa, eat pizza, and receive gifts. We were very excited and had a wonderful time. (More)
Our Eventful Week
When we say it was eventful, we are not joking around! Here's a quick overview of our memorable week. It was time again to show what we know! We took our reading and math benchmark tests. In honor of More)
We are just so hungry...
Making models to compare; which numbers are greater than, less than, and equal to. Great time to discuss with others. More)
Place Value ABCs
We used tens and ones to create the first initial of our names, and some of us even did our last name initials. (More)
Monster Shapes
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